With ZERØ, you'll never miss another drop.


As a digital collector, ZERØ was designed to maximize your most valuable asset: time. You physically do not have enough time in the day to stay on top of all the projects you are hodling by scrolling through 100s of Discord and Twitter notifications. With ZERØ, you will receive custom curated communications ready to consume on your terms: via email, text, push notification… you name it.

If you are one of us, you thrive on front running "what’s next." Now you can free up time to do more of you: build, commune, create, degen or shit post (we don’t judge ;). We are here to work on solving big problems and creating more value for the collective web3 community.

How does it work?

We empower motivated community members to represent projects by curating content for the broader community. As an incentive, we reward curation with PRBLY tokens. We also validate the accuracy of all content unless it is provided directly from a verified source.

Since we are motivated to help you stay connected with these projects, we will reward the broader Probably Nothing ecosystem by burning PRBLY tokens for each minute of time saved by receiving our 280 character notifications instead of reading lengthy Discord notifications.

The bottom line

As more people actively use ZERØ and we continue to reward curators while also reducing the token supply, the collective PRBLY ecosystem benefits and everyone wins! Sometimes it pays to be early; learn how you can participate with a ZERØ Genesis Pass.

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