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True Utility

It is time for a token about nothing to truly become something. Welcome to a token with real utility.

PRBLY is the heart of the ZERØ ecosystem.

Rewards for Curators

ZERØ users will be able to receive PRBLY rewards for distilling and curating content about web3 projects into actionable, 280 character messages.

Rewards for Validators

ZERØ users will also be able to receive PRBLY rewards for verifying and validating the accuracy of the curated content.

Token Burns Based on Time Saved

By using ZERØ to stay connected to their favorite projects, you automatically contribute to our deflationary mechanism which calculates the amount of time you save by reading our short-form curated content instead of the original posts. We then burn a proportional supply of the PRBLY token based on aggregated time saved across the app. The measurable impact is a decrease in supply of the token by as much as 12%.

Tokens Replenished

To maintain a consistent pool of PRBLY rewards, we are planning to purchase tokens from the circulating supply using proceeds from subscription sales.

Staking for Supported Projects

We will support an exclusive roster of partner and bluechip projects upon launch of ZERØ and grow project support organically based on user demand as well as future partnerships and collaborations.
One mechanism for fast-tracking project support will be the staking of PRBLY tokens. If a project team or members of the community would like for their content to be supported by ZERØ, they can buy PRBLY tokens and lock them up via a staking contract. As long as those tokens remain staked, ZERØ will support content curation and notifications from that project.