FAQs About Probably Nothing

Frequently Asked Questions about Probably Nothing

What is [a token about] Probably Nothing?

Back in November 2021, @fungibles placed a big bet on a token about Probably Nothing and is leading the transition from a meme coin project to a Web3 tech company. Probably Nothing is more than a meme; we are a passionate community, a seasoned team with real values, working on a real product and creating an ecosystem with real utility.

What exchanges is PRBLY listed on?

What is the contract address for PRBLY?

How do I stake my PRBLY?

You can stake your PRBLY on the official website: Staking PRBLY requires 2 transactions: 1) to approve the staking contract to use your tokens and 2) to actually stake your PRBLY tokens. Make sure you complete both transactions! You will receive sPRBLY in return and can add the token ID to your wallet using this address:

What is the Genesis NFT?

The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT or gNFT is your key to the ecosystem. The gNFT will be integrated into all aspects of Probably Nothing from the start. Everything we develop will be enhanced by holding a gNFT, providing additional access and an upgraded experience. You can learn more about the Probably Nothing Genesis NFT and can buy one on secondary NFT markets including OpenSea, LooksRare and Blur.

What is “Product ZERØ”?

ZERØ is the mobile app which connects the dots between our ERC20 and ERC721 tokens in the Probably Nothing ecosystem. After flying in stealth mode for several months, we recently revealed more details at Art Basel in Miami with the creation of this explainer video:

How do I join the best community in DeFi?

Join our Discord at

I am interested in working together, how do I contact you?

You can contact us by joining our Discord at or by emailing us at [email protected]

What should I do next?