Below is a brief description of each of the buckets of token allocations. More detailed descriptions of each bucket can be found in the pages that follow or by using the left-side navigation bar.
PRBLY Tokenomics Chart

Total Token Supply: 500,000,000

The total token supply of PRBLY is 500,000,000 and the allocation of these tokens are detailed below.

Community: 51%

The majority (51%) of the total supply of PRBLY tokens is allocated to the community:
  • Swap Contract: 22% of tokens
  • $PRBLY Rewards: 19% of tokens
  • Staking Rewards: 10% of tokens
Unswapped tokens from our v1 to v2 transition will be added to the pool of PRBLY rewards.

Token Burn: 12%

By using ZERØ to stay updated on your favorite projects, you contribute to the deflationary mechanism which calculates the amount of time saved when using our app to consume our curated content instead of the original and burn a proportionate supply of PRBLY tokens. This is designed to decrease the token supply.

Team: 18%

These tokens will go to current and future team members, with 15% of the tokens allotted for the founding team and 3% of tokens earmarked for future team members.
Team tokens will be locked in a smart contract with a 30 month vesting schedule that commences following the release of the ZERØ MVP (subject to community input).

Advisors: 6%

These tokens will be given to people who are advising the project, helping with things like token economics, marketing, strategic partnerships, and launching ZERØ.
Advisor tokens are locked in a smart contract with a linear 30 month vesting schedule.

Marketing and Operations: 6%

We are allocating 6% of tokens to be used for marketing campaigns, giveaways, PRBLY events, and other opportunities to increase awareness for the PRBLY token as well as ZERØ. They will also be used for operational expenses that go beyond what our current treasury can support.

Over the Counter (OTC): 3%

We have earmarked 3% for the strategic sale of tokens in order to raise funds and increase our runway for Probably Nothing.

Reserve: 1%

Approximately 1% of tokens will be held in reserve for discretionary operational needs.

Liquidity: 3%

The remainder of the supply is for liquidity provisioning.