ZERØ Genesis Pass (zNFT)

Lifetime access to ZERØ with a single pass

As we get closer to launching ZERØ, we created a limited edition genesis pass to support the product by offering early participants lifetime access including the closed Beta period. In addition to product access, holders of this token will be able to participate in the direction of the product by providing feedback on content, features and future supported projects.

Limited Supply

Only 500 ZERØ Genesis Passes will be created, ever. Be part of an exclusive community who is informing the future of digital asset management.

Lifetime Access

The ZERØ Genesis Pass gives you full product access including our closed Beta period and is the only token you will ever need to own for the life of the product.

Token Drops

We love to surprise and delight! All ZERØ Pass holders are eligible to receive access to exclusive token air drops.

You can mint a zNFT on our official website (while supplies last). Holders of the prior gNFT are eligible receive a 50% discount off the mint price!


OR purchase on secondary marketplaces:



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