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Community - PRBLY Rewards

19% of the token supply has been allocated to the reward structure built into the ZERØ platform. There are 4 ways to earn PRBLY rewards:
  • Curating Content for ZERØ
  • Validating Content for ZERØ
  • Single Sided Staking* - Currently LIVE at
  • Dual Sided Staking* - launch TBD based on demand
*Note: Staking rewards represent their own distinct 10% allocation of total supply separate from the 19% allocated to other PRBLY rewards.

PRBLY Rewards for Curators

Users will be able to receive PRBLY rewards for distilling and curating content about NFT projects into actionable 280 character messages.

PRBLY Rewards for Validators

Users will also be able to receive PRBLY rewards for verifying and validating the accuracy of the curated content.
PRBLY reward tokens are kept in a Gnosis multi-signature wallet with 3 of 5 signers required to execute a transaction. All 5 of the signers are Probably Nothing team members. These tokens will deploy to future smart contracts for distribution to the community.