Team Tokens

18% of the total token supply is allocated for Probably Nothing team members, with 15% going to the founding team members and 3% earmarked for future team members.

Vesting Schedule

The team tokens start in a Gnosis multisig wallet which requires 5 of 8 different people to sign any transactions from the wallet. 6 of the signers are members of the Probably Nothing team and the other 2 signers are members of the community. The Gnosis wallet can be found here:
From the Gnosis wallet, the funds are sent to a smart contract according to a 30 month vesting schedule. We are using Llamapay as a Web3-native solution for team and advisor tokens. Learn more at
No tokens were claimed by team members for the first 30 days following the completion of the v2 swap. Now that the 30 day vesting cliff has passed, the tokens will be available to be claimed in small increments throughout the 30 month vesting period. Tokens will vest by the second and can be claimed by team members at their discretion. Any team members who end their relationship with Probably Nothing will be removed from the vesting schedule. This ensures that those who are receiving tokens for their efforts are actively and positively contributing to the growth of Probably Nothing.

Token Claims

Token claims that are part of the Team vesting schedule use a unique method of claim through Llampay where each person has access to a dashboard showing them the amount of available tokens to be claimed. Vesting accrues by the second and is claimable on a flexible timeframe based on the choices of each individual person. We feel this is a revolutionary approach to how people are reimbursed, and that this approach will be used by more and more teams in the future.

Team Wallets