Genesis NFT (gNFT)

Your key to the Probably Nothing ecosystem

​The Probably Nothing Genesis NFT (gNFT) unlocks the broader ecosystem. The gNFT will be integrated into all aspects of Probably Nothing from the start. Everything we develop will be enhanced by holding a gNFT, providing additional access and an upgraded experience.

We believe non-fungible tokens will become the standard way to license software in the future. NFTs will gate video calls, paid content, and in-person events (just to name a few). The gNFT will be integral to opening some of these gates and when coupled with a holder tier, they become a powerful combination. Holder tier benefits increase as you move up a tier and a gNFT further boosts those rewards. This makes the gNFT extremely valuable to anyone new entering the project as they are only be able to buy one on the secondary markets (if they are lucky ;).

We are also excited to introduce Non-Fungible Experiences (NFEs), 1-of-1 events that will be introduced dynamically as we go. Share a meal with a team member at a future NFT conference? Let’s do it. Have a 1:1 call with Fungibles to talk Web3, running a company, or life in general? Sign us up. Non-fungible experiences will be one of the most important reasons to join the community.

As we continue to integrate Open Source Business (OSB) into all aspects of the project, moving the community closer to decision making, many of these Non-Fungible Experiences will need to be voted on. Think of it as a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' book with IRL benefits. To that end, Genesis will act as a voting mechanism for community driven initiatives.

So how do I get one?

As a token of our appreciation to community members who have come on this journey with us, those who swapped 100M or more v1 PN to v2 PRBLY and did not sell below their original swap amount received an airdropped gNFT. Supply is limited to 618 tokens for holders and the team only minted an additional 10% of the supply (680 total) for the treasury to use for contests, giveaways, partners, advisors and future team members.

If you are a new to the project, you can purchase a gNFT on secondary markets including OpenSea, LooksRare, and Blur.

We are excited to take this adventure with you, one that bridges that gap between the ERC20 and ERC721 clans. Probably Nothing will continue to lead by example within the greater crypto community for how a project can operate, leveraging on-chain technology while taking advantage of this powerful paradigm shift that is known as Web3.

Stayed Tuned

Season 2 will be better than the first! Until then, please enjoy our regularly scheduled programming. We will be constantly adding new benefits and rewards.

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