Token Utility
It is time for a token about nothing to truly become something.
We have created several opportunities for you to generate long-term value from your PRBLY tokens via real-life utility, including access to Product Ø and discounts for Probably Nothing merchandise. In the short term, you now have access to single sided staking, and are be able to generate real rewards by holding and staking your PRBLY tokens.
There is much more planned beyond this as PRBLY is an integral component within the Product Ø ecosystem. There will be opportunities for Product Ø users to be rewarded with PRBLY for using the app and contributing to its functionality.
There are also opportunities for users to burn PRBLY as a result of their interactions with the app. In the future we will be sharing detailed descriptions of these functionalities and how they impact our tokenomics. For now just know that PRBLY will be vital to everything we are doing moving forward.
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