A Token About Probably Nothing

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Probably Nothing
There is a new player on the Web3 scene and it’s Probably Nothing. At the end of 2021, an pseudonymous crypto/NFT trader and Web3 player named Fungibles placed a bet on a meme coin trading as “PN” just in time before the original team could pull the rug on the project. His vision was to wrestle the term “probably nothing” away from the lexicon and transform the popular meme name into a serious tech company. Since then, the new Fungibles-led team has launched a v2 of the token called “PRBLY”, a staking contract and Genesis NFT to reward long standing community members.
“This is a great time to build a great company in Web3” -Fungibles
The new team behind Probably Nothing has over $650 million dollars of combined enterprise valuations across ten high-tech startups and 90% of the members have been in crypto since 2017. We are as serious as it gets and are working on a real product to exchange value with a token whose name everyone already knows. Guided by strong values and championed by a passionate community, Probably Nothing is now more than a meme, it is a case study in how businesses of the future will operate.
Probably Nothing is a Web3 company building a platform for NFT collectors with our ERC-20 token, PRBLY, at the center of the ecosystem. Now that is definitely something.
Read on to learn more about Probably Nothing, the NFT-focused app we are building codenamed Product Ø, and how the Probably Nothing team and community is helping to shape the future of Web3 and the NFT space.
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